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Black Dog Recording!


We’re in a new era of music making.  New technology makes it easier than ever to record yourself and/or your band, and with modern software, edit and polish your tracks to perfection.  So what makes a great recording stand out?  


My goal is to focus on YOUR creativity. Invoking the relaxed atmosphere of the destination studios of the Rock and Roll era, at Black Dog Recording, the aim is to provide a music making experience focused on collaboration and a classic recording approach!  I believe greatness is in the performance. Though not averse to diving into the computer, I aim to spend more time capturing that captivating musical performance and focusing my editing as a creative endeavor, rather than over-polishing and sanitizing in the digital realm. I promise, it's going to be a lot more fun that way!


Black Dog Recording has top notch recording equipment inspired by classic tones, high-quality guitars, amps, and other instruments, all influenced by the “golden age” of music making, so that what we do capture, we capture with great sound! The recording space, set in a beautiful 4+ acre Nashville farm, is a comfortable place to make a record, taking all of the burden off of you so you can focus on creativity, while bringing you the highest recording quality!  

- Pete Jacobs

Owner / Producer / Engineer

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