to Black Dog Recording!


We’re in a new era of music making. Home studios and affordable recording equipment make it easier than ever to record yourself and/or your band. So what separates the “home demo” from the “pop hit” besides an expensive recording studio with polished wood floors and a million dollar mic locker renting for thousands of dollars per day?  


At Black Dog Recording, we give you another way to see it. Invoking the rawness and creative atmosphere of the destination studios of the Rock and Roll era, we provide a music making experience!  Black Dog Recording takes care of making sure you have dedicated music producers and engineers, top notch recording equipment, classic guitars and amps, and other instruments, all inspired by the “golden age” of music making. The studio, set in a beautiful 4+ acre Nashville farm, is a comfortable place to make a record, taking all of the burden off of you so you can focus on creativity, while bringing you the highest quality standard of sound at an affordable price!